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I got two pumpkins this year and instead of carving, I thought I'd try a new technique- paint.

First, I cut out a bunch of shapes out of painter's tape and puzzle-pieced it all around my pumpkin.

Then, I painted it. All over. Rainbow colors. 
I got a bit carried away, as shown by my white hand print.

Cool colors.

Warm colors.

My mini-pumpkin.

That became a candy apple! (It's a bit bigger than the actual ones.)

Next, I ripped the tape off.

I was disappointed because the tape had paint run under it.


Obligatory B&W photo

It isn't true art unless you're covered in it!

My creation and I

All in all, this was a very interesting experience. I wish I had gotten photos of the pumpkin with just the painter's tape on it. It looked really rad! Next time, I'll know to use a different kind of painter's tape- one that doesn't run through. I will also stick to painting in darker colors because they show up a lot better than the warm colors like red and orange. Which makes sense, seeing as how pumpkins are orange. :D

It's the Great Pumpkin! Full View

This year's State Fair was from October 13-23.
I got to go two days!

I entered art in as an individual student and I got a gold seal!

This is what my school entered by me last year:
It's a picture of my friend J. 

Some other art that caught my eye:

I loved the use of color.

These were done by Elementary. Students. 
There is so much going on her and I love it. 
I love the use of collage and the theme: Olympics Around the World.

This is cool.

What?! What is in that window?

London is calling...


This is what inspired my candy apple pumpkin.

Oink oink~


Vikings and glitter.

Lots of Despicable Me gourds.


All made out of bottles of water and cans of food.

The swings! This is my favorite ride! :D

Obligatory B&W

Ferris wheel!

Oooh. Those swings. I wanna go on them!

My friends, S & A

I want to ride it.

I can show you the world ♪♫♪

My candy apple obsession shows. How did I find this stand?

NC State ice cream! Hell yes!


Garden section. I drew the Deathly Hollows symbol,
like the huge Harry Potter nerd I am.


Ahh, I love lawn flamingos.

It's a Dalek scarecrow!

It's a painter's palate themed garden! 

Alice in Wonderland inspired garden.

Swings!! Finally. My friend A and I. Watch where your hand is!
I'm not Mike Wazowski.

Look at his face. You can't see it. -.-

That's better. 
Let's get down to business...

To eat the deep fried oreos!

Aren't we darling?

Fair Use of Photography Full View


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