Last Project- Noses

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Oh no! (It's the last one!)

We were assigned one of two themes, either Interactivity or Re-do. I chose Re-do.

Re-do (v.): when you take a project or art piece you've done before and change something about it to change it (my definition- ha, take that!)

My layering and perspective projects were both somewhat of a redo. I went through my sketchbook and landed on facial features. Specifically, noses.
Remember, a Nose Knows?

Anyways, I was drawing Captain James T. Kirk and Spock from Star Trek the week previous, so I started doodling noses of the actors from The Original Series and the Reboot movies. (pics)

I wanted to make a big nose. And I've wanted to spray paint all year, so logically, those two ideas fitted together in my head.

Firstly, I had to cut a stencil. I used poster board and an exacto knife to cut the pencil-drawn outline. 
After two days of cutting out shapes, I finished.

I present to you: a spray-painted nose.
Test-run (only the brown worked)

My stencil (looks pretty good as is)

My risks: I don't have much experience with either exacto knives or spray paint. I'm glad it worked out though. I just have to figure out how to get ALL of my art projects home today.

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