1. The project that was the most successful was my Time as an Element project. The theme was to somehow incorporate time into our art. I had an idea to do timestamps, but it was too extensive. I chose to reflect time as an hourglass, with beads as the timer. I covered the beads with dates off of receipts I've collected. This project took the most work and problem solving, from cleaning off the glass bottles to figuring out how to sculpt the hourglass and how to get everything connected. The materials I used included glass wine bottles, white beads, receipts, glue, wooden rods, black paint, wood, white paint, and hot glue. I made everything size-wise proportional to the wine bottles. My technique was to just go with the flow and see which materials fit and worked with my idea. 

2.  I overcame a lot of obstacles throughout the year. Most of my projects were a second idea I had because the first didn't turn out as well as I hoped. I want to discuss my first project, where I did stick with my original plan. The theme was Culture. I had an idea to recreate the Starbucks symbol. I was only going to recreate it once, but I went along with Mr. Sands' idea to create three characters. I had to also decide on the text to replace the logo. I came up with a few sketches and imported them onto Photoshop. Here was where the difficulty lied- I only ever used Photoshop once before. I had to use Google and ask friends how to add color and text and basically everything. Once I learned a skill, I used it. I eventually got to use a drawing tablet and stylus. My final hurdle was the text. I couldn't get it to curve at the right angle properly, so I had to type every letter out.

3. Two of my projects displayed my growth as an artist- Intertexuality and Perspective. For my Intertexuality project, I took pictures of my friend dressed up as Katniss from The Hunger Games and combined it with the Target logo. My photography skills are getting a lot better and the key word here is practice! The more I practice, the better my technique gets. I know how to find good lighting and angles that bring out the best of my subject. My Perspective project has a lot of artistic vision behind it. It was based off of the novella Anthem, written by Ayn Rand. I sculpted the letter "I" out of wire and book pages. My use of materials was a re-do, so I was better prepared and had previous practice. Because I had practice with photography and the wire & paper mâché, the final projects turned out wonderful.

4.  This semester in art, we got an assigned theme and were allowed to choose our subject and materials freely. I think it was better for students in higher-level art, like Art 3 or 4. Students in the first two art classes are still learning about different styles, techniques, and materials to use. As honor students, we better understand technique and materials. I like having the freedom to choose and create an original art work that doesn't mimic any of my peer's. I had a ton of ideas and I could think about the messages I really wanted to convey, as evident in my Perspective and Culture projects. However, even if I am an Art 3 student, there were still new materials and techniques to learn, like Photoshop or spray-painting. I would have liked it more if we had breaks in-between projects to learn a new technique, have a mini-project, or have warm-ups, as a class. That way, we could gain even more knowledge and have a blast to the past of we-all-have-similar-artwork. Before, we were always told which materials and techniques to use, but now, we're given so much freedom that it's hard to think about what we want to do. What I want to do. That's one of the challenging things about this class- but also why this is an honors class. :)

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