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Start date: October 7, 2013
Presentation date: November 15, 2013
Time as an Element

Project number three is upon us! This's all about time. Somehow, someway, we had to incorporate time into our artwork. Some people took this literally, by drawing clocks and such. Others took this figuratively. Some of my ideas included Clocks by Coldplay, something with a timing belt, hourglass, date stamps, melting candles, domino chain, or glowsticks. 

I was also somewhat inspired by the image below.

2013 on Vimeo

The first idea I chose was to take a date stamp and stamp dates with a huge death toll and have the last date be 9/11. In American culture, we are lead to believe that 9/11 was an extremely tragic day and we have memorials built all over the country. We even have one in our downtown. But there are other tragic days ALL over the world that no one knows about. We have the media portray our country as the victim...when sometimes, we're the main aggressor. I just wanted to show a comparison. But...through my research, there were so many dates and so many different forms of tragedy- mass killings, natural disasters, etc. I was overloaded with so much information that I just couldn't do it. I really want to do this project one day, just not now. 

(Writing down dates in my sketchbook.)

I was getting frustrated with everything and kept putting off my project, so Mr. Sands said I could just scrap it. So I did. Instead, I decided to build an hourglass. I wanted to sculpt it and make it able to be held and seen. It was my second favorite idea on my list.

(Rough draft sketch of hourglass.)

First off, I got two wine bottles from the still life cabinet. I can't exactly blow glass to make the hourglass, now can I? (I probably could if we had the tools and proper equipment to do so.) Anyways, I spent some time cleaning off the label and the sticky residue of ten-year-old-just-used-for-still-life glass. 

(See the bottles? I brought in a quill and some ink that day...
fun times spent doodling.)

Now, I had to decide what to fill the bottles with. Beads, of course! To incorporate time, I put dates on the beads. But not any dates. Because I'm a weirdo and I save all my receipts, I just cut out the dates from them and glued them on the beads. Very time-consuming.

(Look at my beautiful unexpectant-of-a-photograph face.)

(That's much better. Look at the clean bottles!)

(Ta-daaa! Dates! Don't mind my glued-up and slightly dirty fingers. 
Glue is sticky. Things stick to sticky things. I am an art student.
You can't make art without getting dirty. :D)

The receipts are important because in looking at them, I could see what I bought, from where, and sometimes, for whom. I remember most of those occasions. 

After all the beads were glued and dry, I put them in the bottles. The easiest way to get the bottles together was hot glue. So I glued it down and around the bottles. Now, I needed a base and something to hold up the base. Mr. Sands graciously cut out two identical circles of wood (that I traced using a bucket.) One side was painted white, so I just had to go in and make the other side match and sand them down. I then glued them to the bottom of the bottles. After that, I got three wooden dowels from the supply room and painted them black. I was going for a black & white color scheme here. Mr. Sands helped me to cut the dowels after we measured..but it was a rough measurement. The dowels didn't exactly slide in, they were about a centimeter or so off. 

But then, something broke. In trying to get everything to fit, I accidentally pulled the bottles apart. The glue didn't hold them together anymore. So I had two bottles with wooden bases. I filled one bottle with the beads and glued the dowels down to each base. Voila!

Except, there was a space between the two bottles. Hello, hot glue. 
(I had to hold the bottles together so the glue would dry and 
there would still be a hole the beads could slip through.)

While hot gluing, it got really messy. So messy, in fact, that I just said, "To hell with it," and started a gluing frenzy. It ended up looking like melted candle wax and I enjoyed the look very much. So I kept it.

(That stubborn bubble stayed for a bit and then popped.)

(Yayyy! Done with my project!)

(Looking through the glass, you can make people's facial 
features appear big or small, elongated or wider.)

My Final Project

Uhm. Risks. Well, it was risky to switch my project idea halfway through. It was also risky to work with the mediums that I did because I'm not really knowledgeable about sculpture. A big risk for me was that hot glue though. As it turns out, it was a risk very much rewarded! Everyone seemed to really like my project. 

Characteristics of Art
Technique: the way I put everything together and with the amount of care I showed.
Concept: My concept is that dates and memories are important to the passage of time 
and the creation of human character. 
Emotion: Without the written concept, I don't think people will have a strong reaction to my piece. Unless of course, they have good eyesight and notice the dates. Then maybe, they can draw their 
own conclusion and meaning. 
New: My idea is new in the sense that I replaced the sand with dates.
Medium: My overarching medium was sculpture. I used wine bottles, beads, receipts, hot glue, wood, wooden dowels, and black & white acrylic paint. 

Sadly, the hourglass has to be at an angle to have all the beads flow through. It's very fragile as well. But all in all, I really loved this project and it's one of my favorite things I've ever made. :D 

It's About Time! Full View

November 15, 2013
Because my friend Robbie likes to nap in class sometimes, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for a self-made warm-up. Took about three minutes for the first one, fifteen for the second.

You can see facial features and a hand. 
The lines at the top are his hair, I think.

He decided to draw me afterwards. One side of my body fell asleep, while I was faking being asleep! Imagine that.

Sleeping Beauty Full View

 The time is lunch. The medium- an apple. The model- my friend, A. 

*cue angels singing*

Ho ho ho~

Om nom nom...


Daily Intetexuality Full View

I got two pumpkins this year and instead of carving, I thought I'd try a new technique- paint.

First, I cut out a bunch of shapes out of painter's tape and puzzle-pieced it all around my pumpkin.

Then, I painted it. All over. Rainbow colors. 
I got a bit carried away, as shown by my white hand print.

Cool colors.

Warm colors.

My mini-pumpkin.

That became a candy apple! (It's a bit bigger than the actual ones.)

Next, I ripped the tape off.

I was disappointed because the tape had paint run under it.


Obligatory B&W photo

It isn't true art unless you're covered in it!

My creation and I

All in all, this was a very interesting experience. I wish I had gotten photos of the pumpkin with just the painter's tape on it. It looked really rad! Next time, I'll know to use a different kind of painter's tape- one that doesn't run through. I will also stick to painting in darker colors because they show up a lot better than the warm colors like red and orange. Which makes sense, seeing as how pumpkins are orange. :D

It's the Great Pumpkin! Full View

This year's State Fair was from October 13-23.
I got to go two days!

I entered art in as an individual student and I got a gold seal!

This is what my school entered by me last year:
It's a picture of my friend J. 

Some other art that caught my eye:

I loved the use of color.

These were done by Elementary. Students. 
There is so much going on her and I love it. 
I love the use of collage and the theme: Olympics Around the World.

This is cool.

What?! What is in that window?

London is calling...


This is what inspired my candy apple pumpkin.

Oink oink~


Vikings and glitter.

Lots of Despicable Me gourds.


All made out of bottles of water and cans of food.

The swings! This is my favorite ride! :D

Obligatory B&W

Ferris wheel!

Oooh. Those swings. I wanna go on them!

My friends, S & A

I want to ride it.

I can show you the world ♪♫♪

My candy apple obsession shows. How did I find this stand?

NC State ice cream! Hell yes!


Garden section. I drew the Deathly Hollows symbol,
like the huge Harry Potter nerd I am.


Ahh, I love lawn flamingos.

It's a Dalek scarecrow!

It's a painter's palate themed garden! 

Alice in Wonderland inspired garden.

Swings!! Finally. My friend A and I. Watch where your hand is!
I'm not Mike Wazowski.

Look at his face. You can't see it. -.-

That's better. 
Let's get down to business...

To eat the deep fried oreos!

Aren't we darling?

Fair Use of Photography Full View


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