All Hallow's Eve

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It's Halloween! 

Well. A Halloween party. 

October 19, 2013

Sir Knight Kae
First off, here's me. I'm a Knight of Camelot. (BBC version.)
 I found a red undershirt at Goodwill, I got the "chainmail" from Target, I got a belt from Goodwill and one from my closet, I had the black leggings and boots, I got the sword from Target, and my mom helped me make the cape.

Some reference pictures.


That figure in the background never freaked me out until I saw the pictures.
These are two of my friends- A and S. 

Snacks!!!! I made dirt dessert! :D

More snacks.


Body taped on the floor.

Kris and I found a use for the flashing light in this room~

I'm so creepy ohmygod.

My friend M and me.

My friends J and Kris.

My friend E trying to hide from the camera.

Fire pit! 
Anyways, I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween! 

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