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Project Number Two!

the shaping of a text meaning by another text (Thank you, Wikipedia!) 

I had many ideas for this one, including The Great Catsby, an Alexander Calder-esque mobile with mobile phones (I'm still very fond of this idea), the combination of Narnia and the Wizard of Oz, The Giving Tree giving Mario a coin, and having Katniss from the Hunger Games shooting at the Target logo.

 I decided to go with the latter because my best friend looks like Katniss. Seriously. (I also could've cut out paper silhouettes, but eh. I did, however, create the Target logo out of paper.) 

Because she's a perfect living replica, I decided I wanted to use the medium of photography, along with editing some photos in Photoshop. We got together on Wednesday, September 25, because it was a day we both were free. Suffering the wrath of spiderwebs and the threat of oncoming rain, we waltzed through the woods. 
She shoots...

She shoots...

She's still shooting...

(Oh, hello, little bug.) 


Wow, awesome facial expression!

La la la...

Tra la la...

Don't mess with Katniss!


Black and white is awesome...



Her face. Is. Awesome.

I don't really having much experience directing, but I know what kind of look I'm going for in my photography. I also have the added bonus of snapping the perfect picture at the right time. 

A had no idea what she was doing at first, but she's a quick learner. 

My project demonstrates intertexuality by adding Katniss to the Target logo. I furthered the meaning along by adding little slogans using Photoshop that make sense if you're into Hunger Games. 
Sing More. Rue Less. Katniss sang a song for her dying friend name Rue. I'm horrible, I know.

 The other was Expect More. Stabs Mahogany. ---Making fun of the scene where Katniss stabs a table with her knife and this superficial lady cries out, "That is MAHOGANY!"

The third was a simple Target ad with Expect More. Pay less.

My Risk Assesment

I love doing photography in my spare time, usually leaning towards candid photography, lifestyle potraits, black & white, and nature. I sometimes do modeling photo-shoots with another best friend, so I'm used to this. However, I'm not used to directing someone else around and this was a new experience. I also got to use Photoshop again in very different ways from my first project. (Thank you, Robbie, for all your help with my Photoshop questions~) 

P.S. My lesser risks included: walking through THREE spiderwebs (which I'm terrified of), getting lots of bugbites, and being rained on. :( 

Characteristics of Great Art

  • Technique: my photography skills are improving each time I pick up my camera. I always look for lighting and composition- I want to make sure the whole picture is amazing. I always look for different angles or something that may bring a different element to the scene. (pic of tree in front)
  • Concept: my concept was to display something humorous that those in the Hunger Games fandom would understand. 
  • Emotion: I tried to be funny with my logos. I really did. :) On a more serious note, each photograph displays a different emotion. For example, using black & white always makes me feel solemn and that the photo is elegant. 
  • New: uhm...Mr. Sands said this would be very hard to accomplish. But, the internet doesn't have any Katniss + Target logos floating around, so that idea is new. 
  • Medium: my medium was a paper logo, photography, and enhancements in Photoshop.

Bonus Video: 

Blooper pictures:

Katniss, you're not supposed to have a cell phone!

Really, Katniss? 

All in all, this was a new and very memorable experience.
When trying new things, "May the odds be ever in your favor." 

(The Target logo is owned by the Target Corporation. The Hunger Games Trilogy and Katniss are owned by Suzanne Collins. I take no credit for their work.) 

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