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Next project- Perspective.

What you expect-
Perspective (n.): a technique of depicting volumes and spatial relationships on a flat surface

What I thought of-
Perspective (n.): the state of one's ideas; a way of regarding situations or facts and judging their relative importance

(Thank you to our friends at for providing definitions.)

Some of my ideas included: build a snowgloble, paint the view from a camera, create something from Anthem, build Pandora's box with Prometheus and clay people,cover-up glasses (paint on them so it shows you something when you wear them), and paint a person/monster from a child's perspective.(sketchbook pic)

I decided to go with creating something from Anthem. It is one of my favorite stories, after all. It's a novella written by Ayn Rand (The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged) set in a dystopian future where the word "I" doesn't exist. They use "We" to refer to themselves as well as their friends and brothers. The main character finds the word "I" in a book and is overwhelmed. People were burned alive for discovering "I" and it's significance. I happen to have two copies of the more pages to rip out. :D

This also is a re-do (and layers! So many themes!). In eighth grade, my art class created lamps. Our teacher took blocks of wood and drilled a big hole (for lightbulbs or fairy lights to fit) and four small holes (for the wire.) We connected the wire and shaped our lamps however we wanted, vertically. We used more wire horizontally, to created a criss-cross pattern for stability. After that, we layered white tissue paper over the wire. Finally, we used colored tissue paper. (And I added gold glitter.) (pics)

I wanted to recreate a lamp using the techniques used in middle school. I had my dad's help with drilling holes and I wired and paper mâchéd. I shaped the wire into the letter "I" because the theme of Anthem deals with oneself and ego. I also wanted room to add lightbulbs because the main character (re)discovers electricity and that is an important part of the story. (pics)

I made the final layer out of ripped pages from the novella. I went through the story and chose pages I felt were important. (pics)

Out of the five characteristics of art, I honed in on concept and emotion. My concept was well thought out and the emotion is there for those who read Anthem. If you haven't done so, I highly recommend reading it. It's pretty short (only 100 pages or so) and the themes presented are interesting to think about.

Front side

Back side

I give you--LIGHT!


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