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Our next project- layering!

Layer (v): to form or arrange in layers
(Thank you!)

Some of my ideas for this project were (insert sketchbook pic) to scrapbook, do gravestone rubbings, paint overlapping names, graffiti, cut out of a book, and to do a crayon-drip sculpture.

I firstly chose to cut of a book. I picked up a copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and set to work. I wanted to make the pages sort of like a scrapbook.

(Wow, ignore my unprepared face.)

After a week or so, I realized my project was too daunting and I didn't like how it was turning out. I scrapped it. (haha, ironic.)

I went with my other idea, a crayon-drip. I had done one previously, about a year or so ago, when they started popping up on the web. (pic)

So this kinda goes with the re-do theme as well.

I used crayola and unnamed regular crayons the last time. The unnamed ones melted faster than crayola (because the wax wasn't high quality.) This time, I only used the unnamed brands.

The risk: Instead of just gluing the crayons on horizontally like so many before, I wanted to hot glue them vertically. I grouped some colors together and hot glued them down. It looked like a city...and that was perfect. (pics)

After gluing them, I used the heat gun (not a hairdryer). Last time, it took me an hour to melt the crayons, this time, only twenty minutes or so. This is in part to the higher heat and the lower quality of the wax. (insert pics)

Of the five characteristics of great art, I think I incorporated concept and newness. The idea to make vertically melt the crayons hasn't been seen before.

Mr. Sands thought it looks like a post-apocalyptic city.

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